List of informative websites:  
(Homepage of the Brain Injury Association of North Carolina).
(“Living With a Brain Injury: It Could Happen to You”).  
(Fact Sheet on TBI from the Brain Injury Association of North Carolina). 
(Homepage of the Brain Injury Association of America [BIAA], the oldest and largest brain injury advocacy organization in America).
(Quick facts regarding TBI). (Information about brain injury in children).
(Link to position papers including “State of the States: Meeting the Educational Needs of Children with Traumatic Brain Injury” [June 2013]).
(Homepage of data on preventing, treating, living with TBI). (TBI statistics from the Brain Trauma Foundation).
(Definitions and facts regarding TBI in the United States).
(Further graphs, facts about TBI from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention).
(Chart: Ten leading causes of death in America, by age group).
(TBI information from the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America).


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TBI/Concussion Tip: ALWAYS keep a record of things - "reminders," because you never know when your memory will fail you!


TBI Strategies, LLC
      John C. Byler
"TBI is the leading cause of death of American children," Keyser-Marcus et al. 2002.
Realistic Hope
Mark Palmer

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