Valuable and original “tips” from a TBI survivor! 

At least 2.5 million new TBI's occur yearly. Concussions occur 8 times more frequently than the number of people diagnosed annually with breast cancer and 34 times more often than the number of new cases of HIV and AIDS.  (CDC) 

“TBI is the most common cause of death and disability of children in the United States” (Keyser-Marcus, et al., 2002).

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Returning to school after suffering the silent illness: TBI.
“Traumatic brain injuries represent the leading cause of death and disability in young adults in industrialized countries” (Schroeter et al., 2010).
"People with severe TBI are four times more likely to commit suicide compared with the general population" Simpson, G., Tate, R. 2007.

Lost in My Mind: Recovering from TBI  is a stunning memoir describing Kelly B. Darmofal’s journey from adolescent girl to special education teacher, wife and mother – despite severe TBI. Spanning two+ decades, Kelly’s journey is unique in its focus on TBI education in America (or lack thereof). Kelly abridges her mother’s journals to describe forgotten experiences. She continues the narrative in her own humorous, poetic voice, describing a victim’s relentless search for success, love, and acceptance - while combating bureaucratic red tape, aphasia, bilateral hand impairment, and loss of memory.    


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