Thank you to those who visited me during my  31 days at Brenner’s:
Nancy Lynn Lockman
Jack and Lucy Davis
Mark and Elise Giordano
Nicole, Barbara, Bobby Price
Justin Brewster
Dr. Charles Turner
Annie and Buff Perry
Nick, “Big C” and Caroline Mitchell
Ann Brown Crowder
Chad Parker
Zach, George, Patsy Perryman
Jessica Wetherhold
Holly Pfeffer
Jennifer Parks and her mother
Nicole Flowers
Courtney Midget
Carey Parker
Ginger Groce
Holt Chetwood
J.D. Wright
David Holden
Charles Davis
Jonathan Murphy
Suzanne, Derrick and Ann Davis
Stan and Kirk Elrod
Dr. Bob Sawyer
Paige Wagner
Laney (other Young Life leaders)
Diane Wilson
Sara Crowder
Butter, Romey and Sloan Fisher
Mrs. Norman (Parker)
Ann Kenan
Katherine Edwards
Julia Davis
Charlie Mickey
Kelly and Ashley Knight
“Ace” Pryor
Jamie Rabb
Jimmy Eskridge
Grant Oates
Aubrey Linville
Drew Walker
Mike Simone
Judy and Graham Smith
Jacob Chapman
Myrtie Moon Davis
Glenn Butler
Steve and Margaret Mills
Ellon Butler
Betty Martin
Meb Faber
Lynda Morris
Michael Rogers and mother
Raleigh Gregory and Tasha Thrift
Jeff and Katie Chapell
Nathan Beckerman
Melanie Johnson
Aly Kleinmeyer
Elizabeth Redden
Annette Wilson
Silva Pfefferkorn
Mariah Kulp
Anna and Holt Chetwood
Sara Plonk
John Fagg
Hannah Parrish
Lindsay Truluck
Whitney Long
Melanie Johnson
Anna Spaugh
Peter and Lee Culp
Alex Paschold
Caroline and Dolores Sanders
Lehoma Goode
Kody Brown
Patricia Kenan-Herrman
Emily Reagan
Tyler Bouldin
Andy Martin

Many thanks to my guardian angels

My husband, Brad Darmofal

Joe Powell
Richard Smiley’s “family” on Avalon Rd., the Porter​s, et al.
Blake Battaglia
Rosemary Cerato
Donna and Herman Darmofal
Evelyn, Earle, Scottie and Earle III Garrett
Dr. Frank B. Wood
The staff of Camp Thunderbird

Young Life of America/Winston-Salem
R.J. Reynolds High School faculty – and
Mr. Elrod who allowed me to return
Anne Owen of Peace College
Salem College faculty and The Class of 2000
Becky Brown
Bain Storch and family
Tricia Smith
Lara Hanes and family
Vaughan Penn and family
Ed, Cece, Edwin and William Bouldin
Kelton Cofer for sitting and talking with me at a bonfire
Lois and Gene Raymer
Meredith, Jane, David Ahles
Janice Blackburn
Dr. Sandra Adams
Dr. Ebeling & the Summit School staff
Dr. Frank Wood

Dr. David Kelly and his secretary who always put my modification requests on top of his incoming mail
All my “other mothers”
Nate Jordon

VOLVO – for a safe car with overhead airbags
Wake Forest University
Greg Ayotte, CBIS, Director of Consumer Services, BIAA
Susan H. Connors, President/CEO/BIAUSA

* My profound thanks to everyone who tried to help me post-9/17/92 – but I was too “broken” to understand and remember. Kody, thank you for the ’92 Homecoming carnation.

* Thank you to Salem College for allowing me to use their photograph of Oprah Winfrey speaking at the 2000 graduation/commencement ceremony.

* Many thanks to the members of Home Moravian Church, the Junior League of Winston-Salem, and the Dogwood Garden Club…who fed my family while I was in coma and awakening!

* Thank you to Forsyth Country Day School.

* Thank you to the late June Lyday Orton, a former neighbor, and inspiration for always trying another way.

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